Custom guitar made by Sinisalu Guitars
Let me know what are you think?

Guitar specs

Body- Australian Queensland maple
Neck- Tasmanian blackwood
Fingerboard- Ebony
22 frets / stainless steel
Scale lenght- 648mm
Nut- Teflon
Schaller locking machinheads
Tremolo- Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N
Pickups- Dimarzio PAF Joe/Mo Joe
Electronics- 5 way switch/ master volume,master tone

Made by Riho Sinisalu
Seems good on the paper, and I'm sure that any guitar builder who wants to build and upkeep their reputation will have done their best to choose the best possible pieces of wood that have as close a good, matching resonance. They'll also use the best possible craftsmanship, since they're usually not bound by an overtly tight schedule, allowing them to take their time with details.

I haven't even heard of the exotic tonewoods used for this build, except that maple is a genus not often used for bodies, yet not unheard of. I'm sure the combination works, or he wouldn't have used those woods. Beautiful guitar, too, and the hardware is gooooooood. I'd have gone with a graphtec nut though, as well as with graphtec string saver saddles (they make them for Wilkinson tremolos IIRC).

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