I'm buying a acoustic guitar, Fender CD-60 and Yamaha FG700s are my top choices. The Yamaha has a solid top and the Fender has a laminate. I was wondering if i need a humidifier or dehumidifier for the Yamaha or Fender. Anything else i'd need to care for these two instruments? i live in Washington so i dont know if the weather will have an effect?
First of all, Yamaha. That guitar has HUGE bang for the buck. I've never been a fan of the Fender acoustic line. And if you can get a solid top, do it.

Second, you live in Washington state? You won't need a humidifier during the spring/summer and even early fall. But if you're cranking your AC all day long you will. Basically you want to keep the humidity of the environment around your guitar somewhere between 40% and 60%. I would probably keep a humidifier in it most of the time when you aren't playing it. Unless you're soaking the thing it can't do that much damage to that guitar. I keep all my instruments in a room with a dehumidifier (virginia) that keeps the room right around 45-50% and it's great.

If you DO end up with the Fender or another laminate, you won't need any humidity control.
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Thanks! im getting the Yamaha, and would Washingtons humid weather be a problem? im planning on leaving it on a guitar stand?
Hehe a humidifier? That's alien talk. I took my FG700s to Africa for 3 weeks and no problems whatsoever. You'll be fine...if it was a Gibson however...
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get the yamaha - and a hygrometer and a humidifier. the luthier who was working on my guitar lives in seattle, and in early spring the humidity dropped overnight to 17%. the bottom line - it can't hurt to protect your guitar.
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get the yamaha

More recently, that has been my guitar-buying mantra

Just to reiterate, great choice on the Yamaha - also, get a hygrometer. That's the only way you'll know if you need a humidifier. Chances are that you will, though