Hey guys, some 12 years ago my mom spent a month in Japan visiting my brother who was a studio musician in Tokyo and came back a guitar as gift for my dad.
Its a Tokai Gakki Hummingbird Custom W-150 acoustic guitar, and I love it more than anything.
Recently I've been trying to find out how old this guitar actually is, because it was a used guitar when my mom brought it home. I've looked all over the place and all I can find is this imagine catalog from 1973 which shows the same model, here's the link(http://www.tokairegistry.com/images/catalogs/197303.jpg).
I've also tried the serial number which is written in print inside the body, here it is, 911172.
If any of you have any info to share that would be awesome. Thanks allot.
I'm also going to try posting some pics of the guitar.

Again, here is the model and serial number.

Tokai Gakki Hummingbird Custom W-150


Post edit, here are the pics.
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