Budget? - $700-$800
Genres? - Hardrock, about any type of metal , Metalcore, I would like some decent cleans
Some of my favorite guitarists are Zakk Wylde ,Angus Young, Darrel abbott,Kirk Hammet, James Hetfield
New or Used? - Either
Home or Gig? - Home but im planning on gigging in the near future
Closest City - Roanoke Va
Current Gear - Ibanez Rg2ex1 Ashdown G60R

I need to know which would be the best uprade for me a new amp or some pedals.
I was planning on buying some pedals but while practicing today I noticed my amp really could use an upgrade. I would also like some suggestions of amps in my price range.
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Have a look at Jet City. They (the 100, you can find one for $500-650, although you need a cab) can get a good MC tone and a ZW-esque tone. Just search for sound demos on YouTube.