Hello all I found a mad in Japan Fender Lyte P Bass body and neck on a website. Everything is gutted out of it except for the tuners and the strap holders. Now I'm wondering if its worth it picking up as a project bass. Now the website is sell this for $299.99 plus $60.00 dollars for shipping.






So what do you guys think ? Also what year do you think this bass is ?
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If you.have enough money.left to get everything, and EVERYTHING then I say go for it. As for the year its not new, that's for sure. Post the serial number I know theres some people here who can tell you at least what era its from by the serial number. Also make sure you know what exactly is there and what isn't so you know everything you need to get. I've never done anything like this, and I honestly don't know the first thing about doing it, and that's probably just a bunch of old news for.you, but thats all I got hope it helps, and keep us updated, cuz I'm interested
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Well I was thinking of putting new pickups in it along with new pots and a new bridge.