I have a couple of questions regarding coil splitting and hope you can answer the following.

I have a Gibson Explorer fitted with the two stock humbuckers and am interested in having it modified to have coil splitting (with a push/pull switch on one of the knobs),. I've owned guitars before with this feature, but have never had a guitar modified to enable this. My questions are:

Can any humbucker be split?
Will it take any value off a stock guitar if done/is it easily reversible (not that I have any immediate thoughts to get rid of said guitar)?
How big a job is it for a guitar repair/tech man to do (i.e. is it a pricey thing to have done)?
With a split in place, does it alter the sound of the humbucker (as a humbucker, not split) at all?

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now i'm not really sure on this, so wait for another answer, but as far as i know, you can't just coil tap any humbucker, it has to be the 4 wire ones..
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you can split any humbucker. 4 wire and 3 wire humbuckers are ready to be split. if you have a 2 wire humbucker it can be converted to 4 wire if you know how to work with wire a little. go to the building page in my sig for a description of how to convert your humbucker to 4 wire