Hi, i'm looking at buying a Gibson Explorer, but i'm finding it difficult to find what i'm after. I really like Joel O' Keeffe of Airbourne's explorer, the white body and white pickguard. I've looked everywhere but can't find anything similar, does anyone know the model he uses? All of the current white explorers out there seem to be this "classic white" colour which is like a creamy coloured body with a white scratchplate which i dislike.

Basically does anyone know either the model Joel O' Keeffe uses or where i can get an explorer with a body that is the exact same colour as the pickguard.
you posted this in EG.

Google is your friend.

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go find white 84 explorer reissue

The only pure white explorer they currently make is the explorer tremolo, which as the name suggests has a floyd rose which i assume you dont want if you want something similar to joel o keefes. Yout just gonna have to go used im afraid and hope you find an old discontinued white model
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