Hi, I'm getting into some home recording at the moment. For now (as well as guitars and amps), I've got a PG48 and a Boss BR900CD. Till now, I have been micing up my guitar amp, and recording vocals straight into the Boss, then using a keyboard into an amp, then micing it and using the keyboard for drums and bass. I know it's not ideal, but being primarily a guitarist, I don't want to have to buy a drum kit plus a load of mics. Anyway, I'm upgrading to a Shure SM57, and there's a few music software programmes I'm looking at buying and putting on my laptop, which have drum and bass simulators on which is an improvement. Would I be able to use the mic through the Boss BR900 and use that as the interface, or do I need a mixer?
Sorry for the lack of tech knowledge here lol
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Get Reaper. It's a free, totally functional DAW that will be fine to start out on. You can sample drums in it, or use a plug-in like EZdrummer or SuperiorDrummer. Sampling will sound better 9/10 times though, once you learn what you're doing a bit. Also, there are tons and tons of free, high quality bass and guitar sims that will work in almost any DAW. You really shouldn't need a mixer, as you can adjust levels, panning, etc within the DAW or on the BR900. Personally, for that price, I'd suggest a decent USB interface over a digital recorder like that.

Tascam makes a few units like the US-1800 or US-2000 that have 16 inputs and phantom power to several of them for condenser mics, and they cost less than the Boss. Unless you need something that portable, I'd go with a USB interface by Tascam or M-Audio or another reputable dealer.
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