Hey guys, can you let me know what you think of the new song on my profile "Get High"?
It's part of a project I've started with my housemates, just making some upbeat catchy songs

My housemate's singing and did some mixing, I'm doing guitar and some mixing, and my other housemate programmed the drums. It's not quite finished yet, we need to add some fills and stuff in. At the moment, the song's just at a basic level, but I'd love to get some feedback

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The vocals are very unique haha, but still great. I really like this song, everything is tight and everything is very up-beat and catchy! And I'd like to hear it again once everything is totally together! If it isn't too much trouble do you think you could check out one of my recordings and critique me on it. It's just a rough acoustic version of a song I wrote a little while back, just kind of a "how'd you like it so far kinda thing" and you know, any suggestions or feedback on guitars, melodies, vocals and such would be much appreciated Keep up the great tunes!
Loving it man think it could evolve it to something really good
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