Hi i play guitar for almost 2 years and i can pull out anything when it comes to rythm guitar (like holy wars) but no matter what i do i can't seem to build up speed to solo and the clarity of my playing while soloing sucks. Do you have any tips on how to play faster and cleaner? Or a sugetion of what solos to learn (from easy to master) that will eventually get me there? thank you
Start working with metronome. Thats how I did it. Start slowly gradually speed up, learn Holy Wars solo - actually thats my first Dave's solo I learned. Its not hard at all. E minor pentatonic 1st position while creeping into 2nd position a lil bit. Try it. START SLOW. Clean playing>Sloppy and fast playing.
you could always check out lick librarys shred guitar in six weeks it looks pretty good
its really important that you start slow and work up. the point to playing fast is that it isn't speed that makes you fast, its accuracy. i suggest just finding like a fast lick in songs from people like Paul Gilbert, like 1-4 bars. and lower the songs bpm right down (to something you can EASILY play). this will give you time to make sure your using correct practice/tension.

once you've got this down, play that speed through correctly about 20 times, then increase the song by 1 or 2 bpm. the method sounds long and monotonous, but thats pretty much how its done. i mean professional guitarists spend up to 12 hours a day for months doing one thing.

anyway, good luck.

EDIT: oh, one thing to keep in mind is that playing other players licks is one thing, understanding them is another. practice some scales as well.
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First thing to do is start playing with a metronome at a slow tempo. You will never really learn to play on time without one. It's better to start early than have to go back and learn everything again. That's the mistake I made and I am suffering for it.

Secondly, you need to start out playing slow before you can play fast. Do it slow and cleanly, no mistakes and in time. As you play more and develop muscle memory, you will gradually start playing faster and faster. It's all about finger dexterity and synchronization.

Thirdly, Lean music theory. LEARN MUSIC THEORY. It doesn't matter how fast you are if you don't know what you are playing. Once again, start out early because it is going to make things a lot easier in the long run. You can start by taking guitar lessons, reading books on music theory, watching instructional DVD and even watching clips on YouTube. You can find everything you would ever need to know about playing guitar and music theory right here on the internet, for free. Just go to YouTube and search "music theory lesson" or "guitar lesson" and you're on your way.

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