Well I came home to a note on my door from my brother that said he smelled burning plastic in my room, so he unplugged the stereo, and that i should check it...
so i go in, dreading what i may find, then find another note on my bedroom door that says "NOT! but check anyways!"
so i go in, to find this =)

flamed sycamore apparently. never really heard of that used on an acoustic, although most of what i read about is building electrics, so what do i know. its beautiful!
and it sounds pretty fantastic too! i had an elec acoustic ibby a while back that just had a dull sound to it. traded it for an ovation 12 string. but this has a very full sound, its bright, but it has nice mids and lows too. havent plugged it in yet. it also has an XLR plug which ive never had on a guitar, not sure why id want it. i guess for those acoustic open mic nights...?

anyways, i dig it, and im excited to add another ibanez to my collection! =D

oh and its a birthday gift from my brother, my birthday is sept 9th, but he couldnt wait.
congrats, and enjoy your new guitar
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got to jam on it some today, and just a bit ago finally got to plug it in. im super impressed!
it looks like someone had it set up well, because everything seems spot on with it so far.
and boy does it have great sound through an amp!
im wondering though, the phase button on it, what exactly it does? i hear a slight difference, but its not a phase effect, even if i move the shape switch back and forth.
any ideas?