I have just finished restringing my ESP SV Standard guitar that has an original floyd rose, I put new saddle blocks in the floyd rose as some had cracks or string indent marks in them. However my current problem now is that the string tension of my strings is very tight meaning it should be near its tuning, but the strings are no where near there tuning. For example my High E string is tuned to Bb, my B string is tuned to F, my G string is tuned to Eb, my D string is tuned to C, my A string is tuned to F#, and my Low E string is tuned to E. My floyd rose level to the body of the bridge, and i am using same string gauge as I did before and my tuning is the same as before i changed strings.

So my question overall is: Why is my strings so tight with tension and yet all strings besides my Low E string are not tuned to the proper tuning, and how can i fix it?

Thanks in advance for all the help UG members!
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ESP SV standard
Ibanez RG7321
Block the trem level (block both directions). Stretch each string until it doesn't go even a cent flat between stretches. Retune the whole guitar. Then adjust the claw screws so that the trem stays level even after you pull out the blocks. If you do that right, it will stay in tune until the next time you change strings--unless you have problems with your knife edge.