Soup guiz.

I asked this in the BB thread a few mins ago, but I figured a thread could possibly get me better answers. Meh, I dunno. Anyway.

Mh400 blah blah blah bodybuilding... protein.. etc etc etc

I want to consume 6 raw (I don't like them cooked) egg whites per day for my protein. Anyone know if this is safe or not? sauce? chur.
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the white eggs are called sperm.
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1) Don't eat them raw unless you enjoy the taste of salmonella.
2) The protein in raw eggs are also 51% bioavailable as opposed to cook eggs of 90%.
3) The supposed health risks (pure bs, mind you) are in the yolk not the whites
4) Egg whites aren't that good for bulking, unless you eat whole eggs
5) I eat 8 whites on a cut. So go crazy
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Eat the whole egg you queen.
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Eat the whole egg you queen.

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