This is a work in progress. 'Ends' in the Gm chord in 107.

I suppose that this is most heavily influenced by Between the Buried and Me although it draws from a variety of different styles. I'm looking for some feedback for what I have up to this point. Personally, I feel like it needs a little bit more before it gets to the huge buildup part at the current ending. Not sure if it's a little disjunct between sections or not.

I'm hoping that this actually turned into a gp5 file. if it's still tuxguitar, I'm sorry . Just upgraded to W7 a few days ago so I still have to learn it all. I've included midi just in case.

If anyone knows how to make tg -> gp5 in w7, it would be greatly appreciated. Saving as gp5 and adding .gp5 extension don't seem to work.

Edit: Forgot to put this in the title, but I'll C4C you.
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There seems to be some errors with the .Gp5, keeps freezing up.
return 0;

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BTBAM is by far my favorite band too and I see some influence in here, but half of it sounded like it came from somewhere else.

nice transition into "band enters"
Intro was cool but nothing really popped out

I liked variation break but it came too early, between the band enters riff and variotion break is where you should add some meat into the song I think.

Not much to complain about at the moderately strang solo, bars 44 and 52 of the lead gtr were a little iffy but I enjoyed the rest.

Escape from solo vortex was a good transition but after that it was wtf? It changed from hectic and abnormal to happy and upbeat, I know btbam does that a lot but they do it a little... better I guess. IMO you should experiment with that a little or just tae out that part.

The transition kinda came out of nowhere but it progressed into something wonderful...
"More Chill" was definitely the strongest section; it had the most emotion and had "chill potention"

Yay was also good.


Tip: try panning guitars at different sides, it just sounds better that way.
-also ths froze up a little but i managed

EDIT: this is a returning crit btw
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Thanks for the crit man.

Doesn't really matter if you read this next stuff or not. Main point is to take the ideas and get them down.

I was stuck at that diminished arpeggio at the end of the solo for the longest time. The super cheesy comic-relief part is something I'm still debating. Needed it to progress the piece while I was writing though. Orginally I had four more bars of the transition but it didn't work well when notated.

I think I'll most likely take the advice of where to flesh out the song. It definitely needs more to it and that seems like a good place, perhaps I'll experiment a little with djent style riffs.. I'll think about revising those two bars of the solo as well. I think I need another few minutes worth of material before reaching the ending section. Went for kind of a Phillip Glass progression. The F#+ was a little tough to harmonize with.

I didn't even know I could pan the guitars so I'll check that out, haha.

Thanks for the advice.
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Who's going to stop you? The music police?