I'm planning on getting a 7 string soon, and since i normally play in C, could i get thinner strings and tune it up? Well, my real question is would it be bad for the neck or anything?
What do you mean? Like? Tune it to standard? Or above standard tuning? If you want to tune above standard, you need a capo, if you want to tune up from C without actually tuning, you need a capo.

Strings can only handle so much tension, and E Standard, or in a 7 strings case, B standard, is about as tight as they'll get comfortably without breaking.
I've kept a guitar in F# (whole step up) for a month or two at a time, but I can't say I recommend tuning higher than standard.
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Using lighter gauged strings should solve your problem.
Keith Merrow tunes to drop A # on his 7 string.

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Tune it up half a step. and I figured if I got thinner strings than normal, it would practically be the same tension as standard tuning and not hurt the neck. I'm leaning towards getting a whammy on it, so id rather not use a capo.