Hey guys, new here, and new to guitar!

I've been playing bass for about 4 years, but recently picked up my brothers acoustic and have fallen in love with it. I enjoy playing electric/acoustic about a thousand times more then i ever did playing bass so time for the gear to go and a new day to begin.

So here's my question.

I have bought an Epiphone Les Paul 100, but only have my Hartke HA3500+VX410 cab to play through. (Blendable 350w head with solid state and single tube pre amp)

Any ideas on how i can get a nice clean sound without the bottom end sounding muddy? I have the solid state wound right back and have the tube cranked, and have fiddled with everything else on the head, but just can't seem to get a sound i'm happy with. I know i probably won't ever get the sound i want out of a bass amp, but until the funds roll around for a Marshall MA100C, I'm kinda stuck.

If any of you helpful guitarists out there have been stuck in a similar situation, or have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. Or if you have any suggestions on a 50-100w all tube combo priced similarly to the ma100c (about $1100AUD), they would be greatly appreciated!
The Hartke HA3500 is going to have a seriously heavy bass response, being that it is a bass amplifier. You'll have to work with the graphic EQ quite a bit, but nothing will change the fact that it is a bass amp and not ideal for amplifying guitar frequencies.

Back off on the tube preamp, as that is supposed to dirty up your sound. Set the graphic EQ flat and start working the faders one at a time until you get something good.
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Why the peavey over the MA? I want to make sure i'm getting a decent amp for the coin obviously. The Vypyr is more then i would like to spend, but the 6505 is within budget.

I'll give the faders another crack. The sound is bearable to an extent. Once i move some of my other bass gear though i'll be heading straight to the local guitar shops!
Cut your low lows... 40-80 HZ, boost your low mids.. 100- 200 HZ. That will improve your hearoom. In general a cool sounding "bedroom" tone will get lost in the mix, this is the foolishness of most noob bassist. EQ a harsh ass midrange sound and you'll round out mellow in the mix.