Hey bro thanks for your message ! I really like your vibee, it's soooo relaxinggg. The only problem i have, is that the piano/synth sounds too stale sometimes almost software/midi like...

But other than this it's just fine man. Great skills as a composer, keep it up !


PS: i feel like i,,m on shrooms when i watch your vid hahahhaa :-P
Hey, I left you a Youtube message and liked it.

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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Thank you all for taking the time to listen and comment! Really appreciate it!

Just listening to your vid now Ararat!
That's a really good song! I kind of agree with others that the synth sometimes sounds a little stale, but apart from that it's amazing
yeah thats a pretty chilling song...I like that relaxing thing in it. And i love the video
Quote by DanielShaw123
Thank you very much my friend!

Also thanks to everyone who watched liked and commented! Can't believe how well my vid is doing

no worries man. still watching it love it so much!!!
Thanks for the crit.

You've got quite a chilled out song, very relaxing and space-y as others have said. You've done the bass really well in my opinion, and in certain parts the synth sounds great too.
Really chill and relaxing song. The synth tone feels like it doesn't fit the song though. It sounds sort of thin and piercing almost. Recording quality is great and everything flows very nicely. It did get a little boring/drawn out after about 2 minutes, but then the synth comes back in and it becomes interesting again. the video is also very cool and fits the song.

If you could check out my thread and vote on a song I'd really appreciate it.
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