How do they compare to yamahas and some of the cheaper takamines? Thanks
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i have an alvarez that kicks the crap outta my friends yamaha
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depends on which alvarez and which yamaha models. both make good quality solid top guitars in the lower price ranges. i haven't been lucky enough to play guitars from the yamaha L series, but i've heard a lot of good things about them. on the other hand, i did get to play an alvarez bob weir model - it was quite nice. if it had had a wider neck, i'd have laid it away.

why do you ask about those two brands?
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Alvarez can compare to any brand in any price range in my opinion. Great guitars all across the board. Though, in fairness I can say the same about Takamine.

You can spend $200 or $2000 on an Alvarez or a Tak and it will be competitive with similarly priced guitars from other makers.
I have an alvarez, and in my personal opinion, they are some of the best guitars money can buy. It sounds incredible, it feels great to play, and for the price YOU CAN NOT BEAT IT! I got turned onto them because my cousin who plays a lot of guitar lives by them. When I was upgrading from my beginner guitar, I asked his advice and what he told me was true. Since not too many people know about Alvarez, they are still cheap in price, but not in make. They are built incredibly well, and their sound is amazing. Some of my friends with Taylors or Martins that costed them about 1500 have played my guitar which was 600 when I bought it, were just blown away by the comparability of the alvarez to those 2 power houses. Especially with the price comparison. But what it comes down to, is you have to choose the guitar you feel comfortable playing. sit in a guitar shop for a couple hours, test the guitars against each other and don't think about the name. You will know when you find the right guitar. But to answer your question, Alvarez is a great guitar, and I stick by them 100%. you cant beat the craftsmanship the sound or the prices! hope that helped!
I got one for my daughter for only $100. It's tiny and perfect for her, but don't think it rings well IMHO. But for a beater or/and starter guitar, it's fine.
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fingerguy i like that, well said only review that i can trust
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I would think that price-for-price, the quality would be comparable, along with a lot of other makes like Sigma, Tanglewood and Recording King. The best option is to try as many as you can and just get the one you like best. Just remember that poor feel is due due to poor set up; this is fixable, and in any event should be budgeted for.

Patti, Bert Jansch played mostly Yamaha L10s, and if they were good enough for him, I would be willing to give them a close look.