Hey, so recently I picked up a brand new Pod XT rather cheap. I bought it because I used to own an X3 Live but could no longer afford to keep that one so I was hoping this XT would come close to sounding as good as the X3 Live did, in my opinion it sounded great with my amp, but the XT is failing to do so... I've set the 'What are you plugging into?' to 'Combo Front' as that is where I am plugging it into on my Vox AC15CC1X. I know that some people dislike these pedals and other manage to get a good tone out of them (as I did with my X3 Live). I've tweaked the patches but I'm really not liking what i'm hearing. It sounds far better through headphones, but through my amp it just sounds awful. Does anyone else happen to have a Vox AC15 and a Line 6 Pod XT that manages to get a good tone out them? Kind of hoping there's a setting or arrangement I can change that'll fix this thing up... /wishful thinking. Thanks in advance for any help
Even if anyone just has Pod XT could you please help? Any info would be greatly appreciated... I just want it to sound as good as it does with headphones on. I'm not sure if that's possible. Unfortunately these pods are discontinued so I never had the chance to test one prior to buying.
I have the xt live, there are some patches that are designed for using in front of an amp which sound ok, you just have to do some tweaking.
Have you messed with the AIR modeling? There are a few weird settings that you can mess with to get a little better tone out of an amp. Turning the cab modeling off is good, and turning amp modeling off or neutral can help.

Still, I never could get a great tone out of my XT into an amp. The X3s made a lot of progress in that area and unfortunately it looks like you're noticing that.
I second turning off the amp model/cabs and try getting distortion tones from the stomp models. If that works out then start messing with amp modeling.