Recently, my gf's brother started playing for a cultural/traditional group of Hawaiian dancers and he asked me to play guitar on a few songs this upcoming Labor Day (9/3/11). I'd mostly be improvising lead guitar on his rhythm/uke with drums/percussion being a big part of the dancing, so I just need to "fake" my way through this one gig until I can get a better handle on the Hawaiian sound. How close can I imitate the lap slide guitar sound with my strat and a metal or glass slide, or should I just give up on that altogether and start looking for a lap steel guitar? I've also been looking at slack key tunings and tasteful ways of using reverb and the vibrato bar... I'm really excited about this but also a little anxious, as it's my first non-church related/paid gig
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You can get pretty close with a slide and alternative tunings, it should be alright.
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