Yo man. Seriously. That mix sounds sick. The bass adds a crazy amount of attitude to the song. I think you should leave it the way it is. Maybe get some vocals in there to see how the whole thing comes together? (This is coming from a Recording/Engineering/Production graduate.)
Maybe work on the frequency filters a bit, so that the basses (bass guitar, bass drum) don't overlap at the resonant freqs..
Holy sub-bass, Batman!

Yeah, there's way too much low end in that mix, to the point that it's having a negative impact on the clarity of not just the bass but also the guitars and kick drum. Bass could also do with more compression, then being sat at a much lower level in the mix, as there are boomy resonant frequencies in there not to mention lots of mud.

On a happier note, drums sound pretty good. Guitar tone could do with work too, but I can't tell too much as I can't hear the guitar tone half the time
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
dont spend too much time re working your tone, you need to have your proper filters on your tracks.
theres way too much sub as everyones said
and the guitar gets lost in the bass
re work your entire mix.
thats all i can say
I vote for automated bass attenuation. I think the heavy parts sounds really thick with the overboard bass, maybe just do some fine level/filter adjustments there. The clean part could use some big time re-mixing.
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You're plugging an interface into an interface...


Pls tell me what is Interfaception. and how to solve.