So this will likely be a purchase for me in the recent future, i'm finding it harder and harder to play a 6 string, i have pretty big hands and a 7 string fits my hand perfectly, i went from barely being to do a 3 string sweep to 5 string sweeps with considerable ease with an RGA7. My playing overall has improved and i just love 7 strings now. Even though my schecter blackjack is an incredible guitar with amazing sound i feel like i'm holding a twig. The problem with this ibanez is it has a tremolo which i despise because sticking with one tuning is absolutely annoying. So i'd like to block the tremolo completely, but could any problems develop because of it, assuming i use the proper blocking system?
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If you use a Tremol-No (and have it set to the complete block) you should be fine with tuning changes without a hitch.
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No, and you have awesome taste.

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