Hey guys, Im just wondering if there is a way of dating (year of manufacture) my amp by its serial number? Its a Fender Princeton Chorus and the # is LO 023454. Its one of the early red knob american made ones. Cheers
Unfortunately, for Fender Amps, there is no way of accurately dating based on only Serial Number.

What I can tell you is that for a red knob Princeton Chorus is that it was made sometime between 1987 and 1993 at the old SUNN Amplifier plant at Lake Oswego (That's the LO in the S/N).

It's not old enough to be some garage sale gem that turns out to be worth thousands, if that's what you're wondering. Actually, like most Fender Red Knobs, it's practically worthless and completely irreparable. If you haven't bought it yet, don't pay more $100. If you have, you now own one of the cleanest tones Fender has ever produced. Try running a bass through it, and whatever you do, just don't break it.
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Thanks for that. I got it for $150 with another guitar. I have run a bass through it and it sounds yummy and yeah I look after it really well. Its had new speakers installed recently, fenders of course, and it doesnt get turned up loud or left running when not being played at all. Hopefully it will live another 20 years.
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