Hey guys.
I've been searching for a good multi-effects, and I having a hard time deciding between these two kids. I'm into "experimental" music, so I'm interested in having a lot of possibilities with different modulators and peculiar sounds, I don't care much about preamps or distortions.
I know that it would be better to go with single pedals, but I can't afford anything more expensive at this moment.
Keeping that in my mind, which of them should be the one to go?
Thanks in advance, and sorry if my English is not the best
Boss, mostly cause they've had more experience with FX, and I thinks the boss sounds better
Boss ME-70 gets my vote out of those two, I've got the ME-50 and find it does everything I want it to very well.

Another one which often gets highly recommended on this site is the Digitech RP355 (I think I've remembered the model number correctly). Make sure you check that out as well.
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Yeah, check out the rp355. It has many great features and is only $200 new.
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Quote by kutless999
Yeah, check out the rp355. It has many great features and is only $200 new.

I checked that out, but I thought it seems to be less likely to be used on stage, plus, though it's not specially important, it is painfully ugly :P . So I got it down to these two.
Please, I need some more opinions, I need to get one as soon as possible.
Thanks for you help.
The ME-70 isn't a bad choice if multi-effects are the way you want to go.

If it were me and I could only get a multi-effects pedal under $500 I'd go with either that or a TC Electronics Nova System. You should look into the Nova though, you may like it better for your needs.