Alright guys and gals. My head hurts from trying to look all this up so i decided to hit back up on the forums at UG


This will probably sound stupid to alot of you drummers who have a bunch of equipment and have a LOT of experience playing live.

My dad was a light guy in the 80's and worked with some local bands in Iowa, and when the guys set up the mics for the drums, they plugged them into what he calls a "brick". This "brick" had all the ports for you to plug in the mics. So there would be about 10 ports and then he said there was only one output. He said you then plug it into (for example) channel 1 on the mixer and it takes over the 10 lines that you plugged your drums into. To summarize, there were 10 cords plugged into one device, the "brick" if you will, and one output on that device. That output was plugged into channel 1 of the mixer, yet all 10 channels were taken up. Each line in was a different microphone.

Is that possible? Do I have something wrong? Is there more than one output on the so called "brick"? Is there such thing as a "brick"? If so, what is it's name?

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and hopefully I can get a response soon.
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this could exist
(opposite to this:http://www.thomann.de/gb/palmer_ppb_10_s_press_box.htm maybe)

but i can't see why it would be very practical as it would mix all the mics into one channel so u wouldn't be able to adjust volumes or pan individual drums. The usual way to do it would surely be to put all the mics into a separate mixer which then outputs a stereo feed into the main desk. (or just straight into the main desk)

just what i think but i could be wrong
oh wait, did u mean all the channels on the mixer was taken up?

cos that isn't possible unless it was digital which i doubt.
I'm pretty sure he's talking about this:

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I think Niiko is talking about a stage loom,but his picture doesn't work,so here's an elaboration
Basically,instead of running a separate cable from every mic on stage to the mixing desk,you plug each mic into an input on the stage box.It then sends each input down it's own cable (all wrapped up in one thick cable),until it gets to the other end,where each input comes out a separate jack and into the mixing desk.
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