i posted a demo of this song about a week ago. it's now done, and i'd like any opinions on how to improve this.

all i used was a MIDI drumkit, a guitar plugged right into the mac without a POD interface and simulated with Ampltiube on garageband layered with another guitar channel and a guitar dropped one octave to simulate a bass guitar. the synth-y effects in the background are also made on guitar.

nothing technically or musically impressive in this song whatsoever, i'm testing my limits with virtually nothing but a wire and a guitar and some software. any cnc is appreciated and will be returned if requested.




EDIT: i've improved upon the track, here's the refurbished version:

Click here to hear my BOB DYLAN (Blowing in the Wind) out right now May 2k17
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Hey, I liked how you replace the bass with that octave trick.
Really nice flow of moods this song has.
The drums could use some work tough.
I liked a lot the main guitar, it creates a tension that's never released, and I love that.
Sounds to me, like the first demo of Machine Head.

Liked it!

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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Hi, thanks for the crit on my own stuff! Now, it's my turn...

The few riffs featured in this track are interesting, even though there's not enough material to build a "full-length" song, but I feel like the goal here was rather to expand a single riff four minutes long in order to get a track more focused on creating a vibe, and the result was pretty effective imo. In particular, I liked that "didgeridoo-like" sound going on in the background (yes, I hear a didgeridoo! What does that mean, doctor?! ).
If I had to change one thing in your track, it would be the drum programming, as I find that the kick drum follows the rhythm of the guitar riff too closely most of the time, instead of playing its own rhythm to complete the guitars' one... even if the drum pattern becomes more sophisticated and complementary with the rhythm guitars when the music kicks back around 1'25.

That being said, it's a promising track, so keep it up!
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thanks guys

about the drum's bass pedal, i agree. it's just the kind of way djent works, but i should have really added a few blasts in there to make the drum feel like it's not just biting the tail of the guitar. cheers for the cnc, i will post on your space pyramid when i get on the computer (i'm on my phone)
Click here to hear my BOB DYLAN (Blowing in the Wind) out right now May 2k17