today on my local craigslist i came across an esp ltd m200fm with emgs for 200 bucks. it looks like its in good shape but i was wondering if it is worth the 200 bucks? im looking for a guitar with active pickups since all i have is passive, but i don't want to buy a junk guitar just for the pickups. any info is appreciated
i can actually say, for the price this guitar is worth it, just so happens my friend has it and i've been after it for a while and considering its worth around £400 ($660) i don't think you could go wrong here.
I've played it and its a damn nice guitar, contact the seller and see if you could try it?
Does it have EMG-ESP's or actual EMGs? if it has real EMGs then go for it because the pickups alone are worth nearly what you're paying. otherwise its still a pretty good deal, that guitar retails for about $600 I think. Make sure there is nothing wrong with it before buying
It sounds like a great deal, but you will only be satisfied with the guitar if you have an all tube amp. Emg pickups shine when played through an all tube amp, otherwise they sound no better than passive pickups when played through a solid state amp. Don't get the guitar just for the pickups, a good passive set, in my opinion, beats any active set if you EQ everything properly. If you have a tube amp, get that guitar quick because it's a good deal for an ESP with good pickups. Don't forget to play the thing first! Best of luck to you!
it has real emgs, and i have dimarzios in all of my guitars now but i play a solid sate amp, will the sound be noticeably different?