I was hoping that after making some gear mods ($650 worth) that i would find a '60s Chicago-style blues tone on my ES335 clone guitar. My gear includes:
1) Epi Sheraton II with Gibson 57 HB pups, 500K pots, .022 Organge drop caps, John Pearce heavy gauge strings (11);
2) 2010 MIM Blues Jr amp with BillM's basic kit/tone stack mod, JJ EL84s, NOS/Tungsol preamp tubes;
3) 1x12 closed ext cab with Eminence GB128 speaker.

However, after completing the above mods, my sound is now very bright, trebly, almost ice pickin' on the high notes. Instead, I would much prefer a darker, thicker creamier sound with sustain. Turning the treble and mids down helps a little, but still not satisfied.

What to do, what to do? I am now on a pension, so a new amp or guitar is outta the question right now. Some lesser expensive suggestions could be:
1) change the pickups and electronics (300K/500K pots, .033-.047 caps)?
2) change the speaker in the ext cab?
3) use better strings?
4) more BillM mods?
Any more low-cost suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank for your help.
Personally, I would:

A) put 250k or 300k volume pots in the guitar to absorb some high end.
B) replace the strings with round-core pure nickel. I'm currently using DR Pure Blues and they sound really warm and sweet, the only issue is that the D string is noticeable quieter than the A or G, but that may just be one defective string.
C) put JJ ECC83S tubes in the preamp--they're a bit darker than most 12AX7 types.
D) take a step further away from the amp.

All that would run you about $45. If I were just throwing around money, I would then:

E) replace the Blues Jr.'s internal speaker with an Eminence Cannabis Rex.
F) replace the speaker in the extension cab with an Eminence Swamp Thing.

And since we all know that 90% of tone comes from your fingers, gain lots of weight and stick your hands in a bucket of used motor oil. As your fingers become darker and thicker, your tone will do the same.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
Many thanx A.S., some very good suggestions. What about the caps in the guitar - change to .033 or .047s?