So I was in what used to be Music Ground in Leeds, and in there they knew me for my fuzz pedal fandom.

One day, one of the older guys that woked there showed me this fuzzbox I'd never seen before, called a FrankenFuzz.

I've got no idea who built it.
It was like a metal box with knobs on the side and operated by a lever rather than a pedal or a button, wierd thing.

This was about 2-3 years ago so I can't remember exactly what it looked like or the tone in any real detail, just that it looked really odd and sounded ****ing monsterous.

That was the first and last time I ever saw/heard of one and it's been driving me up the wall trying to find any info on it at all, and trust me, I have looked and looked and looked.

Can anyone shed any light?
Heres something i found on a forum. I dont know if it will help much though.

Well ... I now have the used Frankenfuzz that I mentioned earlier in this thread ... if I had a digicamera, I'd post a pic, but all I can do is offer the following description:

It is housed in a plain silver metal enclosure with "Frankenfuzz" and various knob names scrawled on it with a sharpie or Bic pen. The enclosure is slightly larger than the garden MXR variety, is riddled with random black rubber feet, and has "made in Taiwan" stamped on its inside right panel.

The Frankenfuzz's five knobs are similar to the ones used by Effector 13 (ever) on his more expensive and involved pedals (large and hexagonal with white markers). The input and output jacks are on the top and the AC adapter port is on the left side ... and the interal circuit board is fastened to the chasis with a plastic washer and has a rubber foot keeping it in place. The circuit has a single plastic trimpot and very few transistors, etc ... the majority of the inner cavity is filled with wires.

I am still looking for the maker of this pedal ... mainly to request techinical assistance because the internal components do not seem properly calibrated ... or may have worn out between owners.

Does anyone know who built this Fuzz?
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If I am not mistaken, the Franken Fuzz was made by Rick Gram Studios. I believe the original Franken Fuzz you described has long since been discontinued, but he makes a successor called the Franken Tone pedal. Anyway, he's still out there making pedals, but they're not the easiest things in the world to find:


Good luck!
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