I have not tried a master slave or dry/wet amp setup before and am reticent about playing with this idea without guidance. I own a JVM 210c and a JVM 205H. I want to slave master with the 205h slaved so that I am using the preamp gain structure from the 210c. I would like to use the effects loop on the slave so that it is a "wet" amp for delay, phaser, and chorus. Will this work?

I was envisioning My Wah connected straight to the 210C and using that amps preamp for Crunch/Overdrive channel selection. The going out from the 210C Serial Loop Send into the 205H Serial Loop return with Loop activated. I would then use the Parallel send out to my delay pedals back to the parallel return with mix set full wet. Is this a viable safe use or do I have my signal path for the loops incorrect? Is there a better method? Would it be better to have the 205h master? I have heard good things about a wet/dry setup and this is what I am going for.
I'm giving you a bump because basically I'm not sure. Without special load boxes you just need to make sure you have speakers connected to both amps.

If you don't get an answer here, ask in Teh Pedal Board thread - there are a few guys in there that would know this answer for sure.

Worst case you turn to Radial 'bone' series pedals because they make stuff that fits just about every application. I you need simple load boxes I hear Weber makes a good kit.