I'm a Huge Rowland S Howard Fan and cannot find a very good selection of tabs of his many great songs. can anyone out there find, or willing to work out the tabs for the song(s) "Exit Everything" off of "Teenage Snuff Film", "Wedding Hotel" (with Nikki Sudden), and/or "Nothin" off of "Pop Crimes"? they dont sound all too complicated but I just cant get them right. Also if anyone has the tabs to "Crowned" from his These Immortal Souls" Days.... also have always wanted to learn King Ink by the Birthday Party. Please help any way you can. Thank you.
actually I'm happy with tabs to any Rowland S. Howard song out there, aside from the few that are posted online. you know, Shivers,deep in the woods, Dead Radio, etc. It would be awesome if someone tabbed out Undone, Sleep Alone, Exit Everything, Nothin', basically anything from Teenage snuff film & pop crimes
Just whacked a few up, check out rowland-s-howard.com for heaps of info and a few other tabs.