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Anyone else just feel that? I'm in Queens but people in Manhattan felt it too.
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My dad just called me, he told me his work building shook. We're in central New York. I think I felt something but I had been running a bit swiftly to my car for a moment so I must not have put any thought into it.
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Felt it in South Central PA. I just thought I was imagining things.
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Ohio just got a little summin summin. That's about as exciting as it gets around here.

Shit, perhaps that's what I felt a few minutes ago. My house shook for a few seconds, and everything in my room. I thought I was just going crazy haha.
Two threads?

I guess so.
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I'm in DC and I nearly shat myself. We only got S-waves but it lasted a good 15 seconds or so.

You're delusional punk.
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Connecticut here. My friend in the same town as me said his room was shaking but I didn't feel anything
I'm in Maryland and was just eating in my house and everything started to rumble

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yup... 40th and 5th here in Manhatten and the whole building shook. It was subtle... people who were standing didnt notice. People who were sitting all thought they were dizzy until we all looked around and EVERYONE felt dizzy. Actually the building was swaying.
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That earthquake wasn't shit. Shook the computer monitor, thought it was the dryer bouncing around. ( Romney, WV)
I felt it over here in Maryland. Nearly shat my pants. Never felt one before.
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My friends near Buffalo NY felt it. I'm in south eastern NC and I felt a slight shaking. My bed rattled a few minutes ago while I was watching tv, I figured I was imaging shit.
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Felt it in South Central PA. I just thought I was imagining things.

The fact that you were just imagining the ground shaking beneath your feet, and how you didn't immediately call a doctor worries me.
NOVA, baby. not that bad here, though.
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didnt feel it but i saw my TV shaking

im in NY
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I felt it it felt nice. I was laying on the couch
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Outside of Philly, I was taking a dump too
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I'm from VA and never thought I'd feel an earthquake. That was pretty freaky.


Seriously, that stuff ain't supposed to happen here
I'm sitting on the beach here in Virginia and didn't feel anything. The damn thing was even centered here. I had people back home in Pennsylvania saying they felt it and asking me about it.
I felt it on the floor here at work! (Inwood West Virginia (70 Miles from DC)) I know it wasn't much, but to feel the damn ground shake when it's normally sturdy it's scary!
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I remember when I experienced a 7.9. Now THAT was scary.
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I remember when I experienced a 7.9. Now THAT was scary.
Really?? That's truly dangerous
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I'm surprised I didn't feel it. My friends at the college a few miles away felt it, but I didn't.
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