Hi all! Here's a new delivery: it's actually a song that I've already recorded a long time ago, and that I've just re-recorded (new guitars/singing tracks, new mixing/mastering, plus a ton of crap poured overall) and renamed "Hoax" (as the previous title was "Deserved Crucifixion" and it sucked hard!).

As usual, my stuff are on Soundcloud (forget MySpace, I didn't even manage to upload this new thing, and nobody gives a **** about it anyway):


Rock on!
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sounds great. the only problem i can see is that the drums seem a little too light for the respective genre. if you're using garageband, download the Boldt III drum pack and use the insane kit. make sure you go on settings and change the release time for it though. i love the guitar tone, but the drums don't emphasise the guitars enough.

also, if you can take the time to criticize my song, that'd be great.

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Very well done for home recording! Despite the drums sounds slightly more electronic, i think it suits well this genre.

What I can recommend from my limited experience, is to check all the EQ rates for the instruments in order to maximize the sound and tonality of each instrument, as well as the overall total volume, but that is really a long and tiring trial and error approach.

That said, I enjoyed reading your long "about" section
Thanks for your crits! I notice that the drum part seems to be commonly shown as the black point of my track; actually, at first, i ended up with a first mastered version of this song, and the drums were totally buried in the mix, it sounded awful. So I've tried to "kill evil at the roots", and came back directly to the mixing step, and boosted the drums without mercy with many compression. Thus, that would explain that the drums were at last heard in the final mastered track, but maybe sounding too "artificial" indeed. But you know, I'm using Drumkitfromhell with SD, and even though it's a nice collection of drum sounds for Metal, it's not easy to make them sound properly in a mix! Well, for my next project, I'll try the Metal Foundry set, and see if it will improve the overall sound of my production. But this is another story...
All of my awful stuff can be heard here or there .