Every sunrise, I feel your hair tickling my face,
and teasing me awake
The days fly by so fast,
and I slip through them half awake,
my mind lost in some distant dream
dreaming of sunrises and sunsets
and knights in shining armor
"Those are hard to come by today,"
you would say,
and the then we'd waste the night away,
until those glorious sunrises,
until goodbye broke the ever growing silence between us
Goodbye seems like such a long time...
such a long time away.
It's always the smallest things that pull me back
that unwind my mind back
to memories of sunsets and soft skin.
There aren't really words to say what this is.
This good bye, this farewell,
is the last.
This piece holds so much relevance to my life right now and written so perfectly I nearly cried, Bravo my friend.