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I was just thinking how I wish Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown traffic and Queens of the Stone Age - Millionaire were longer then they are because there both to short. QOTSA's song is 3:20 but has a 45 sec intro. what are songs you wish were longer?
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Anything by Trash Talk
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From the top of my head:

- Tush by ZZ Top
- Push Push by Cinderella.
- Anything by the Ramones.
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King Crimson - Book of Saturday
Devin Townsend - Kawaii
Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
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Wasn't Born To Follow - The Byrds
Breathe - Pink Floyd
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All of them.
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Deththeme - Dethklok
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rumpelkombo by alestorm.

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Icarus Lives! (the EP version) by Periphery is counting it.
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not really 3 mins , but Wish you were here.........and also, much of elliott smith's work
Dittohead by Slayer.
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Johnny Cash - insert song name here

A lot of Tenacious D songs.
Moments in Oblivion by Parkway Drive
The Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners by the Foos
and Rodeo Clowns by Jack Johnson. Such a good song.
Nautical by Protest the Hero is an incredible 2:58. I dunno that I want it to be any longer, since it's so hard hitting and well crafted.
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A lot of Tenacious D songs.
Moments in Oblivion by Parkway Drive
The Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners by the Foos
and Rodeo Clowns by Jack Johnson. Such a good song.

haha every jack johnson song seems like it's only a minute and 30 seconds long ffs, I really do dig some of his stuff though so I'd have to agree with you
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Pretty Little Ditty by the Chili Peppers, I love when frusciante and flea bust into the sexy part that Crazy Town stole and used on Butterfly
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All of Pink Moon by Nick Drake (only one or two songs are about 3-4 minutes long)
Most Minutemen songs.
Boxcar and Seethruskin by Jawbreaker
Bankrupt on Selling by Modest Mouse
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Them Bones is under three minutes.

But I don't wish in the slightest that it were longer, it's awesome like that.
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