Money isn't a huge issue, I mean, I'm not spending $200 putting a tremolo on my guitar, but I'm willing to get something nice. I'd get an actual Bigsby I think except I love the fact that I don't have to drill anything in my guitar to install the Vibramate.

Just looking for some idea on the quality of device made by this company, thanks.
Love mine. Took about 5 minutes to install, and I could not be happier with it. It's essentially stupid to not use one if you're installing a Bigsby.

The way you're talking about it makes me wonder, though - you know that a Vibramate trem is a bigsby, right? The vibramate itself is really just a mounting plate for a Bigsby that screws into the existing TOM studs.

A Vibramate is $70 or so and a B7 is $170, so you really are going to spend $200 even if you buy used.
Thanks man, I'll be honest, I kind of assumed the Vibramate came with a bigsby.

Last question: Do you have any idea if it would be possible to keep my Fender American Standard Telecaster bridge with the vibramate?