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When it comes to music, video games or all that good stuff, are you one to care about the production quality or the graphics, or are you more about the composition, writing, etc.?

What I mean is that my brother is the type of person who for the most part needs music to have good production quality, like Aphex Twin. He's a lot less likely to like a track if, even though the composition is good, it doesn't sound professionally produced. Same with video games, and they need to have good graphics for him to consider it a good game (ex. doesn't care for Zelda: Twilight Princess, but thinks The Wind Waker is a great game (which it is)). The only time he'll let it slide is for Boards Of Canada, his and my favorite band, and their older material is poor, production wise.

I on the other hand don't really care about graphics, production, quality, etc. as long as it's not terrible. As long as it's at least mediocre I really don't listen, and I'm not an audiophile. I really just care about the composition itself.

I find that generally speaking (don't freak out on me), listeners of genres like Jazz or Rock tend not to care as much about production quality, however listeners to genres like Electronica and especially dubstep tend to care a LOT.

Same with gaming. People more into Nintendo don't care as much about graphics, but with people who are more X-Box and PS3 care a lot more about graphics.
Well I grew up in the 90's when you only had crappy graphics, so I'm not exactly bothered about it. A good story and playability is more important.

As for music it's pretty much the same as above, I really don't care about the production.
doesnt matter,

good graphics can be fun with a decent story line,

shitty graphics are awesome for oldschool games (i love my nes and snes still)

but the best modern games have a good story line and good graphics.
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I agree with what Lattes and the Dutch guy said.

One of my favorite artists is cloudkicker, and while he doesn't have BAD production, it's not exactly perfect. It's the song that draws me to it, not the recording.
Lo-fi is cool as long as it doesn't just flat out suck, the lyrics/game should tell a story. If a modest song/game manages to kick ass while being so modest, then it's all good.
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Video game graphics never concerned me too much, as long as the game was fun. I appreciate good graphics, but they aren't the most important thing. I'd say aesthetics are more important than graphics.

As for music production, I think some styles actually benefit from less-than-perfect production. I think a lot of modern metal sounds too "clean" and "hi-fi". If you're making aggressive music, having some rough sounds adds to the appeal.
Of course, this is only true to an extent. I don't like stuff that's too lo-fi and noisy. Some punk and black metal records sound like they've been recorded with a ham sandwich.
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In music production is a HUGE deal for fact there are pop songs where I will complain about production and production choices (like a filter on something that I don't like). With that said its can be the greatest production in the world but if the composition sucks then I am not going to like it. I guess I require both?

In games...for me its all about story (well as good as video game stories can be) and fun...
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Production has to be just as good as the song, and i dont mean over produced.

Converge Jane doe, amazing song writing and seriously good production.
Production is very important to me. To a certain degree it lets a composition be at its best. A great song poorly recorded will have dynamics and intricacies buried in a bad mix. Whereas an average song recorded perfectly is shown in the best light. Obviously a balance between composition and production quality is needed, but I feel, to a certain degree, that they are equally important.

The same goes for graphics, average gameplay can prove really entertaining if everything looks fantastic (ie. crysis). On the other hand, poor graphics can make a great game less exciting, or a the very least deter people who put a lot of emphasis on graphics.
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as long as the quality is decent i dont mind it as long as it matches the music

in videogames the graphics only need to be as good as the game needs it to be
I hate old metal because of the annoying guitar sounds/bad production. So yeah.
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I like my black metal with the poorest possible audio quality.

Serious answer: To me, it's based on what I expect. If it's a video game that's being released for the ps3 a month from now, I expect the graphics to be decent. If it's Devin Townsend, I expect awesome production.

That being said, since I realize older games have worse graphics, I'm not bothered nearly as much because I don't expect to see something visually amazing.
I always try to look behind the graphics, the sound quality, whatever, and look for the "essence" of whatever it is, to the point where I get pissed off at friends who dismiss games because of 2d graphics or whatever.

Who cares if you can't see the pores on the character's skin or hear the drummer's seat squeaking?
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One of the reasons I'm not such a big Black Metal fan is the sound quality, but I'm in no way an audiophile. Quality matters, but the music itself is much more important.

In video games I care even less. It used to really bother me when I was younger, but I find now that mediocre quality has a vintage feel about it, reminding me of older games which I like best, like Rayman, the early Pokémon games etc. (though I still prefer great graphics, though I can't run them on my computer).
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with games, graphics don't mean shit to me. if it runs smoothly and it is to a certain extent easy on the eyes, i wouldn't care if it was made in blocks.

in music, i do care about sound quality and production quality. of course i do, it's music. but they don't matter anywhere near as much as the compositional values of the music.
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I've never cared about production, whether it was with music or video games. I mean good graphics are fine and all but if the game has no point then all it is is an expensive waste of time.

For me there has to be something to it for me to enjoy it. Like Avatar, amazing effects but it sucked.
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Never really cared. I care about production and such a little more in films and music (as much as I love Super 8 that 'let's make it look like it was filmed on a Super 8' aesthetic, the constant lens flares, and the refocusing the camera every 6 seconds is ****ING annoying.), but poor production doesn't ruin things.
production and composition are everything to me in music. i need both to seriously enjoy an artist's work. nowadays, i can't listen to music that just "sounds bad" regardless of how good the actual material might be.

video games are a different story. great graphics, while awesome and great to have, aren't an absolute necessity.
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As long as I enjoy the game, I don't care about the graphics. If it's going to suck it better look damn good to make up for it

I will say I like art style in games more than graphics quality, if you know what I mean by that.

For music it's different with genres, some genres sound better with a lower quality, some sound better with awesome quality.
Music- Don't care as long as it does something for me.

Games- Don't care about graphics, game play has to be good and the plot has to be good. My favorite game ever is Tomb Raider 1, for those reasons. I hate games that have amazing graphics but crap story lines.
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As long as I enjoy the game, I don't care about the graphics. If it's going to suck it better look damn good to make up for it

I will say I like art style in games more than graphics quality, if you know what I mean by that.

For music it's different with genres, some genres sound better with a lower quality, some sound better with awesome quality.

all of this.
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I quite like Lo-Fi in music, The Cribs have awful production quality but great songs. Same with graphics, they don't matter a great deal to me.
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For music it's different with genres, some genres sound better with a lower quality, some sound better with awesome quality.

it really does depend on the genre. i find that the lo-fi quality of recorded jazz from way back when seems to add to the atmosphere, but lo-fi metal sounds like ass.
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For modern games, I expect good graphics. Especially since the hardware allows it, there's no reason why developers should cut corners on that aspect.

It doesn't mean graphics are the most important aspect, but it hurts the experience if it isn't one of the developers top priorities.
I like having good production qaulity when listening to music. As said before, some genres like rock don't need beautiful production. But if something electronic isn't produced right, even if the composition is good, it just totally kills the listening experience for me.

I don't care much about the graphics in games though. As long as the gameplay is good and the graphics aren't horrid, graphics remain uninfluencial on whether a game is good or not. Quake 3 is one of my favorite games out there atm, even if it's outdated graphically, because the gameplay is awesome. And some n64 games like OoT and Smash bros. are classics, no matter if you can see the pixels in the textures from a mile away.
Graphics? I don't care all that much as long as it's playable. Audio production really needs to be good though. I can't stand shit production.
I get annoyed with some recordings , generally a lot of old recordings need more bass.

In fact a lot of recordings in general are seriously lacking bass, and the drums are never loud enough in a lot of music. More songs need to have some drums that sound big and powerful like Tom Waits songs.
I have the same thoughts on this across all media:

I can appreciate the technical limitations an artist, engineer, or producer faces and can enjoy a work that makes the most of those particular limitations. I also enjoy lots of works that purposefully don't look "polished" in the sense of looking just like the big commercially successes of the day, as long as they're still well-crafted and cohesive.

If something has poor production quality because of technical incompetence, or over-ambition that blinded the creator to the limitations he had to work with (really just another type of incompetence), or even someone that tried to be clever and "lo-fi" but added nothing of value by doing so, I'm not going to like it.
Gameplay is more important than graphics when it comes to games, take LA Noire - Godawful game, incredible enviroments and facial graphics, etc.

When it comes to music, the production value needs to fit the style. If Transilvanian Hunger was produced by Andy Sneap, it would lose the atmosphere that the lo-fi production brings, and vice versa.
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Well i've never had one of those X-Station 3's or the Playbox 360 so i've never really gotten into the whole brilliant graphics argument.

I had a N64 when I was a kid though and looking back the graphics weren't great but the games kicked ass. With music videos some are very aesthetically pleasing which is nice, but the song has to be good too. There's been tonnes of videos that are made to look more budget which is great too. White Limo by Foo Fighters has a great video.
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I like some production quality in music, but too much isn't my kind of thing.
As for video games, graphics mean relatively nothing. Gameplay, story, and atmosphere is everything.
I'm not too big on graphics as long as it fits the game. I think the only graphics I couldn't stand were Shin Megami Tensei on the SNES and Persona 1 on the PS1.

I can play games like Star Ocean 2 and Final Fantasy VII fine, just those 2 games' graphics I couldn't stand.
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I'd say both equally.

I definatly think they both play a big part in the final product. Fitting production values to good composition (and performance) helps bring out the good parts just as well as changing parts in the songwriting IMO.
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