just learned how to sweep pick about a month ago, mainly just this one little basic pattern

G -12
B -13
E- 11
E- 15 or 16
B- 13

so anyway i can do it fast and slow, but its soooo unclean and just atrocious the faster I go. How do i mute the strings while sweeping? anyone have a video or can explain in good detail for me? I read the lesson on using your palm to mute strings but didnt understand fully. Like when i try it it just over mutes the strings or goes over too many strings...
Your right hand palm should mute the strings below (in pitch) the one you're playing. So, when playing the 5th string, your right hand is muting the 6th string and when you shift up to the 4th string, the mute shifts up to mute both the 5th and 6th strings.
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Press and release with the string being 'swept'.
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You have to practice shaping your hand, in a way that allows you to just move your entire hand down the strings, muting the unwanted strings and picking the right strings, in just 1 motion without changing your hand shape. You need to get used to that shape. This is for the first 3 notes. Then, play the '15 or 16' with an up-stroke and pull off to the 11 on the E-string.
Next, play the 13 on the B-string with an upstroke and end on a downstroke on the 12 on the G-string, so that you're back at the start of the pattern. I hope this makes sense to you.
If you want to master sweep picking, get ready for hours and hours and hours of extremely slow practice, that's for sure
get some Fantastic cleaning spray. Eric Johnson uses it to clean up his playing and tone.