As you may know there are many Shure SM57 fakes floating around ebay, but I have no way of telling if this is fake. I've checked the sellers feedback (99% positive), and it seems if none of the negative feedback is about any mics being fake. Is there any easy way to tell if those mics are legit, and if not do you think it's worth the gamble? Thank you!
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I've dealt with them before, no problems on my end. The studio I'm interning in has bought stuff from their company before as well. It's the real stuff.

They're located just under 2 hours away from me in atlanta. Be sure to read over their "faqs", restocking fees, damage fees, and such for a lot of things that are out of your control.

Personally I would just buy from musiciansfriend, the mic stands are better and the cable is better quality. For what I think is like an extra $6 compared to their price.
I've bought sm57s and other stuff from them. They're legit.
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Just go buy it from a legit place like Guitar Center, Musicians Friend or Sweetwater (or X site).

Seriously, look: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/shure-sm57-mic-with-cable-stand/485304000000000

Same exact mic, same stand, similar XLR cable. Sure, its $3 more but its from a place I'd trust more than ebay. Just saying

This, exactly and only this.

SM57's are so cheap right now that there is absolutely no reason to buy from ebay, just buy from a reputable dealer. That way you know exactly what you're getting.
*sigh* I really don't know why I bothered making that detailed thread on exactly this turding subject

Learn to use the searchbar TS, and if you still can't tell after reading the thread/looking at the pictures, then don't buy it - pretty simple really. In the end, the only way to be 100% safe is to buy from an actual retailer with a trusted reputation.

Edit: Also, the mic in the picture of the auction is real, or the best fake yet, but I would have thought it quite clear that the mic in the picture isn't the one you would be getting as that image is a collage of the items (supposedly) in the listing, taken from promotional/advertising shots (i.e the seller didn't just take a photo of the item, unless they also have access to a professional photography setup... this should have been obvious.

And I even did the search bar bit for you - thread about this subject
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Unique Squared is legit, I bought a Shure SM57/Beta52 drum micing set from them a while back and they're all "real" Shures.
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