I am interested in getting a epi les paul ebony custom or ltd ec 1000 t/ctm. Both are black binding on front and back. Both 22 fret. My question is which one has the better build quality? Pickups arent an issue. If im not pleased with the emgs of the ltd or the passives of the epi they can be changed. But which guitar would i be most pleased with in the long run. I play rock / metal and try to play some blues through a blackstar ht-5.
I would go with the Esp. It you want to go metal thats the way to go over a les paul. I love my Les Paul but I think the EC-1000 has a sleeker feel to it. The emgs will do pretty well for over driven blues sounds but don't expect good cleans out of them.
I think the Esp is also a better build quality and will bring you more joy.
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No way. Get the epi. Sound wise the epi has way better natural tone and imo the pickups have more character. The ltd will play better, but the body doesnt resonate nearly as much as the epi and its got the most overused pickup set ever. As always try both before you buy, and multiples of both if possible.
a good "crossover" guitar would be the EC-401VF... pretty much the LTD without the sterile (IMHO) emg's
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Play both. Buy whichever one feels more natural in your hands.
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I agree with Briyan_15, go for the ESP. The 1000 series LTD's are great

yup, it is so amazing for sure.
Had a friend buy an ESP over a Gibson LP Studio. The esp was significantly better. But you should get some rechargable 9 volts..
I am stuck on the appearance of the binding on both the front and back of the body. If im not happy with emgs in the ltd i have no problem changin them to seymour duncans. Minus the pickups is one built superior then the other. Ive heard some bad things about epi's. I currently play and will still keep ahold of a schecter devil tribal. Has a single emg 81. Thanks for the replies!
I own an ec-1000. It is awesome awesome. I love les Pauls. My favorite guitar, but I felt the ec would be a better choice for me right now. I play metal, hard rock, classic rock, and blues among other genres on it. It does the job just fine. It's lighter then most les Paul, so if that's something you're into or not into you might want to consider that. And if you don't want EMGs they have a vintage black model with seymour Duncan.

I have a vintage black with EMGs, however it doesn't have binding on the back. So if that's a real big deal to you I guess you'd want to know that. However its still a great guitar, so binding shouldn't really be a deal breaker.
Well, if you already have a Schecter with EMG's, I'd say go get the LP.
The LTD EC1000 got very stellar reviews from Guitar Player last year. Price wise at around $800-900 it was good bang for the buck. Not to dis the Epi but the Custom is not a better guitar than the Epi Standard which retails at $399! Block inlays, vapour coated gold HW and a little more plastic binding are the only differences in construction and not worth the extra $300. In that light, there's no comparisio between your 2 choices - the LTD wins. IF it was an Epi STD, the LTD would arguably still be better but at >twice the price of the Epi one could argue for the cheaper guitar.
BTW I wish people would stop calling 'LTDs' 'ESP LTDs'! You don't call 'Sterlings' 'Music Man', nor do you call 'Epis' Gibson Epis.
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I wish people would stop calling 'LTDs' 'ESP LTDs'! You don't call 'Sterlings' 'Music Man', nor do you call 'Epis' Gibson Epis.

they do on craigslist and it drives me nuts too.

+1 to everything KenG said. Agreed on calling LTD's ESP's too. They're not.

Also agree with Rooster about deciding based on feel though.
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Since you already have a guitar with an EMG in it, I'd get the EC-1000FM with the Seymour JB/'59 set in it. And this model has 24 frets instead of 22. Great solid guitar, excellent proven pickups for a wide range of genres, and they look great. Also, it just so happens that I've got one of these for sale in literally mint condition

The EC-1000 is a great instrument. The craftsmanship is top notch throughout, has a real flamed maple cap instead of veneer, and the control pots are Alpha's and has SD pickups. Earvana compensated nut, locking tuners, locking bridge, locking tailpiece. It's leagues ahead in every way to an Epiphone LP.
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Those ar two quite different guitars. The only thing they have similar is the shape and maybe the body wood (don't quote me on that).

The LTD will be thinner, lighter, and better for metal, especially with the active EMGs. The LP will be thicker and chunkier sounding, and will have a much thicker neck and be a lot heavier.

Play them both and decide for youself. If you already have an active pickup guitar, however, I'd suggest the LP.
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^You obviously haven't played an EC-1000.... Mine is quite a bit heavier (at least a pound) than my next heaviest guitar, the '84 Dean. I just measured the thickness of my EC at the edge, 1.75" and it's a carved top. So it's still a little thicker yet at the pickups.
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[thread="1166208"]Gibsons Historic Designs[/thread]