how do i do something like http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjrash/5681526019/ on a neck?

the body i just got off the bay is mahogany, with maple and padauk stripes. i want to build the neck just like the body so that it meshes well . how do i do the stripes for the neck? like, do i go

mahogany-maple-padauk-maple-mahogany? and if so, would it be bad for 5 pieces on a neck? i've heard of 3 piece, but not 5.

btw, if it helps, i'm probably going to go with ebony for the fretboard.
I make 5 piece necks all the time. Just make sure your grain orientation is correct. You want it like this ||| not like this === Basically make it as much like a quarter sawn piece as you can.
It wont look like that because its a bolt on, though you will see it on the head stock and the back of the neck.