Hey GB&C,

I was given a mandolin afew years ago, and it looks to be a fair few decades old. It was in pretty bad nick when I recieved it, some of the worst fret wear I've ever seen, and a large crack down the front. Finish was pretty rough too.

I've got a few builds lined up for the very near future (some strats, a LP, and a PRS) so figured I'd get some practice installing/ dressing frets.

So far I have: Removed frets, Removed hardware, Removed Nut, and given a bit of a sand

Currently She is clamped down getting her crack filled in

Next steps are: build a nut (is being converted to lefthanded), fill in chips on fretboard, install/ dress frets (0.079" nickel wire), give a sand and decide on the finish.

If anyone can identify the type of wood I'd be grateful.

The old man reckons the fretboard could be Olive?

Also the slots on fretboard are slightly oversized, which means I'll have to glue the frets in. Thinking I'll use epoxy?

The beast

Ugly crack

Fretboard dry

Fretboard with a wipe of turps

FYI some of the aforementioned strat/ LP projects soon to be underway will be made with Native New Zealand Kauri, which the table the mandolin is sitting on is made of.
Ok so I've stripped the paint, and installed the frets, but ran out of wire at fret 15 dammit! Don't think I'll worry about fret 16 and 17 not sure if I'll need them!? / cbf waiting around ordering more wire.
I also rough cut a bone nut you can see in pics below. (sorry dog i need that bone!)

I'm currently cleaning up the frets with my dremel, getting them flush to the edge of fretboard, so I can mask the edges and fill the chips on the top of the board. I put the frets in before I did this so epoxy wouldn't go into the slots.

Heres some pics of the fret install process.

will post pics of completed board once I've done cleaning them up, and filled cracks. should be in couple of hours time.

Ok so on closer inspection fret #12 hasn't seated properly so I'll have to pull it out and cut the slot deeper. the others are pretty darn level so far.
Back to guitarparts.co.nz for some more fret wire! looks like 16 and 17 will get a fret afterall!
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