(my right hand because im lefty). But i just wanna get it faster for super quick legato licks...i can easily keep up with my picking etc...but i just want some exercises or some ways of increasing my pull off speed (i already do some licks and repeat them over and over) but any other methods of building quick hammer and pull technique?

wrapped up in short: please list some exercises to increasing my hammer and pull technique and if so tips on how to make it more efficient.

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Paul Gilbert instruction DVDs my friend.
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Tremonti has some sick legato work you can check out......
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Whatever licks you learned to play fast picking, just play legato.
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Another person who thinks that it's what you play that makes the difference...

Play what you do already, just do it better. More efficient movements, less tension, better co-ordination between your hands on string changes and such.

Slow down and practice the above.
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