What do you typically sit on when you practice or play the guitar at home?

I sit on my couch most of the time when I play with a combo amp. I just got a non portable amp head/cab though so I'm looking for ideas for a dedicated playing chair and I want something really comfy and ideal! Please share your ideas and advice!
Small children.

But usually a rolling desk chair. Or my bed. Or small children.
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i have an office chair that the arm rests can be pushed up so they arrent in the way i works quite nicely for me

But seriously the chair I use is small and maneuverable so it's easy to get around, plus there's lots of room to play guitar. Much better than small children.
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I play in a relatively cheap office chair. It's padded and everything, but skimpy and NO ARMRESTS, which is a must. They get in the way big time unless you wanna sit on the very edge of the chair all the time.

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^ Real men do play standing
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usually i stand, but on the rare occasion i sit, its on a piano bench. it has a little bit of padding, but not much, so i can't sit down for long on it.
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real men play standing

No, real men play whilst perched awkwardly on the edges of standard swivel chairs.
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Computer chair ftw.
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An expensive and very comfortable leather office chair.
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LoL @ all this..

I usually stand in front of my amp because I think it sounds the best there, and its also easier to use effect-pedals when you're standing..

But if I'm feeling lazy I sit on my desk chair.. which is a chair my tribe found on a mound of trash on the edge of a forest when living on the oceanside in the west.
it's quite comfortable but my ass gets real sweaty on it if I chill on it too long ..
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No, real men play whilst perched awkwardly on the edges of standard swivel chairs.


Either standing or on whatever the nearest available sitting surface is, including the floor.
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Drum stool. Also use it for my piano.
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My bed. Which sucks for your posture, tbh. Unless I'm sitting on the edge of my bed, in which case it really isn't all that bad.

Also, sometimes my computer chair, which have armrests.

Damn. I'm almost defying every standard that a guitarist should follow when finding something to sit on while playing.
I constantly exist in a quantum state of both standing and not standing while holding a guitar.

... Until observed, then I'm usually sitting on my office chair that's really falling apart but has no arms so it does the job very well...
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Ive only been playing 2 years. First year was acoustic. Then I picked up an electric. Since its been all electric.. when I first started I could only play sitting down. Then I got used to standing while playing electric. Then I started practicing standing. I got used to and like pacing a bit and swaying. Now playing while sitting down feels like beating off with the wrong hand. If I have to it could get the job done, but why would I have too?
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I sit on my office chair, which is one of those high-end Exec chairs you can order from Staples. It's extremely comfortable to sit in, but the giant armwrests make it impossible to sit and play for very long.

Here's the best thing to use: Go to Target/Walmart/BB&B and buy a single cushioned bar-stool. They obviously do not have armrests, but some come with a small backrest. The bars under them are perfect for propping your foot up on and that improves your posture while playing. We had a few of these back at our old house and I'm kicking myself for not bringing one along.

If you're not comfortable while playing, you won't play for long.
Any of several backless swivel stools, and the crossbars are perfect for resting your foot so as to bring your thigh where it needs to be to support the guitar.
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Computer chair, saw'd the arms off the ****in thing though. no lies. also practice standing because its helpful
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This is exactly how I play. Or I play while walking around my house.
When i started out i used to sit on my amp :p i now sit on a beat up old dining room chair
I sit on my couch or an office chair if I'm doing stuff on my computer.
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No, real men play whilst perched awkwardly on the edges of standard swivel chairs.


in my case, usually with my right uncle rolled unnaturally under my left foot for extra height
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umm... so am i the only one who plays guitar laying down on their bed?

I've done this but I have to construct an arrangement of pillows to put the guitar in a position that allows me enough left arm elbow room.
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I use to sit down all the time, on this sofa in my guitar room, now I can't hardly play sitting down, I just like the feel of standing better. Tha only way you can look cool when you're playing and sitting down is if you do it like B.B. King and sit in this huge recliner lol
my bed
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when i get into the groove i float around my room in mid air, usually in lotus position. before that i start out in an office chair or couch