Great job on this man! I've never heard the original, but it sounds really really great!! Thanks for critting my video
hey man! thanks for your comment on my Holiday cover!!

This is the first time I've listened to Opeth. I like it, maybe I'll start hearing some of their music. I liked your playing and your tone. Sounded smooth

Keep doing covers man!

PD: sorry about this, but your face reminds me of Robert Trujillo playing the bass
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Thanks for the crit on my cover!

This is a pretty nice cover, pretty solid playing especially with something as progressive as Opeth. The only thing I can say about this is your tone, it's a little... how can I put this. A little nasal?

Smooth playing otherwise man.
I agree with the poster above me. The tone was a little quack-y for me, but the playing was very smooth. Good job!
Yes,Great job on this man!
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Sounds good - not my sort of music, but great guitar sound!
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