Hey everyone! Brendan & Jimmy here. We actually released this song before, but this is the more finalized version.

The demo version is still up on YouTube so you can check out the differences between the two. We put the capo up one fret to give it a different feel, and added a few more little guitar parts here and there to liven it up.

As always, let us know what you think, leave a comment and a thumbs up, and we'll return the favor and critique your song

Thanks guys!

Left you a youtube message and liked it.

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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Thanks MrArarat for the comment and like!

I returned the favor on your YouTube page! Adding a little drummin' in the background could make it sound really cool!

What was the effect that you used at like 4:00?