You had some really nice vibrato and articulation going there. The two negative things that really stuck out are that that B to D around 0:21 should have been a 1 1/2 step bend from the B (iirc) and that you seem to be using your index finger for the 9th fret a lot. I'm not entirely sure if that's actually bad technique, but i haven't seen many people use two fingers for a 7-9 stretch, especially when your other fingers are open for use. Good work altogether though! I liked the 4 measures around 1:14, but then thats also my favorite part of the solo.

C4C the one in my stat?
I cant find anything to say about ur playing and ur tone... if I have to comment.. Upgrade ur video camera... ahahha... GREAT AWESOME PLAYING DUDE.. humbled by the sound of it...

care to check mine out.. and give ur comments so I can improve my playing... thanks..


~peace from Malaysia~
loved it mate!
your improvisation was a bit sloppy at times, but your tone was epic, and you captured the epic feel of the solo by pulling off some of the song's signature licks perfectly, aswell as bringing in your own flavour.

some of your licks at the end sounded a bit off, and while they might've sounded good in certain situations, i reckon the key of a great pink floyd solo is how simple it is- and i think you just tried to experiment a bit too much (e.g after 1:30 you licks started sounding a bit metallica-esque, whereas a more pentatonic/blues based approach would've been more appropriate).

still, i can't deny the awesomeness of your video- the licks around 0:30 and 1:30 were magical, and your vibrato and flow is awesome.

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