heyy, ive been playing bass for about a year and a couple months now, self taught and everything, i think i can play alright, i play mostly punk pop, a lilttle rock, and stuff, billy talent, green day, some foo fighters, and other stuff like that, but i cant find anything else thats really different that i like, i cant join a band till next year and havent yet played in one, looking forward to though, but for now, playing the same old songs, just gets way to repetitive, the same old stuff...i want something different, even if i dont like it, ill try it once atleast, ive recently thought about getting into some metal (ive never played metal before or tried), or maybe some funk or even ive thought about learning guitar, i cant slap or pop that well (i can sorta play cant stop RHCP, thats it tho), so tell me, legendary ultimateguitar forumers...i need something different, a new genre? should i learn guitar? should i try a specific band or anything? anything different, let me know guys, thanks
It's good that you are considering trying different genres. Not only will that improve your technique, it will influence you if you ever get into writing.

I'm not one for RHCP, but damn are they good for learning. Start with some of their songs.
Metal is my strong suit: learn some Lamb of God if you really want to challenge yourself; but if you want to stay on the safe side, look more along the lines of Porcupine Tree. Their stuff is interesting and will keep you on your toes, but not overly technical. Try "Blackest Eyes" to start. Once you get more comfortable with playing, learning some Tool will most definitely aid you.
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ill give some metal a shot then thanks , and maybe later when im a bit better (im not the best bassist out there), ill try a bit of RHCP
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it had better be good metal...

jk... kind of.

i enjoy playing Primus, give them a shot.
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Megadeth have and early Metallica have some pretty cool basslines. Also as previously mentioned...Iron Maiden. I think you could dig Black Sabbath as well.
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