my group the Ques Bois are on the final stages of finishing up our album "Rhythms of the Universe" and as the guitarist for the group would like to hear from the fine people of the UG forums. please visit us at Ques Bois and give us a listen. We can also be found on twitter @letsquest and i myself @slick_hando thank you for your time and i sincerely hope you enjoy.
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whooa man i dig the whole hiphop rock fusion thats what i've been looking for inmusic for years. props to your mc i like his old school vibe, lyrics can be kinda hoaky though maybe try to make it a little more progressive on the next album? i'm a lyracist myself so i can be picky about those things, but over all you guys layed down the funk bravo!
P.S. the guitar on microphone controller... dope shit keep it up my man
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Thank you so much! yeah microphone controller is kind of our baby lol. its getting radio play at the moment and it has been getting good reviews. There are actually two MC's and we literally just discussed them sounding alike today haha. as for the lyrics i agree and i think that is going to be remedied for the next album.
If you didn't spend so much time going up and down the pentatonic scale like an indecisive hooker, microphone assassin would be a work of hip-hop legend in my eyes. If you reigned it in a bit and kept to the hook and some flourishes, it would work way better.
But yeah, this is some dope shit otherwise, don't get your MC writing "clever" shit!!!! keep it silly and old-school! hip-hop is at its best when its either un-serious and silly or so serious it becomes silly. Like Beastie Boys and NWA respectively

But yeah, feeling this a lot
Oh yeah this is some nice stuff. I love Microphone Controller. The rapping sounds great. I do kinda agree with Dream Pin about the guitar stuff though. It's good, just be a little more reserved unless it's your solo. Crit back?

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