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I was interested in computer software for recording purposes. I was wondering after looking at bunch of different programs. Im holding a poll here to see what program I should get. I play anything under the metal genre.
ReValver and Amplitude are good ones.
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If you're looking into using software, not only do you need to decide which package to use, you'll also need to investigate what interfaces will work best with that software and your current guitar setup to hook up your instruments to the PC for recording. You will also need to ensure you have a PC with enough processing power and a good enough sound card to cope with what you'll be asking of it.

Reaper and Pro Tools are two of the recording packages which usually get mentioned on these kind of threads, if you look through the recording forum you'll see loads of threads asking this very same question.

It's also worth considering the option of using a multitracker - if this is your first step into recording, they can be a good introduction as everything is built into a single purpose built unit, as opposed to trying to utilise a PC which may not have been designed for this sort of use.
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Quote by FatalGear41
ReValver and Amplitude are good ones.


Also some free amp sims are good too: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1131250
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i use amplitube and tbh there could be more amp models. it has the typical vox, marshall, pv, fender and you can get a bunch of fenders in a package, but i honestly would want a few more. you can change cabs, mics, effects etc very easily. it's pretty versatile.

that said it's cheap and the sound quality is decent but i do hope for more models to come down the road.

and they are good, but aren't completely accurate to the amps they are emulating.

i guess there is no way electronically to emulate the sound of air hitting a mic?

for what it is and what it costs in mind, sure.

i haven't used the others to say so i won't vote. there may be better options depending but that's my early take on amplitude.
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TH Overloud is pretty convincing, and S-Gear is a nice high end option too.
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